16 yarns series

This is a series of works based on quotes from the Mtv reality TV series “16 and pregnant”.  The series is aptly titled 16 yarns after the age of the women in the show and because each woman has her own story to tell. Though each story is unique, the women on the show seemingly say almost exactly the same sentiments about their experience regardless of where they live or their situation. The works are made by dipping yarn in wax and casting it using the lost wax method. Aluminum is then poured into the molds, producing delicate, scrolling yarn phrases cast in metal. By casting the quotes out of metal, it adds a universal significance to a typical, if cliché patterned sentiment.


 Rope Castings

This group of work stems from my interest in fiber castings and text. I choose words that complicate meaning or contain multiple meanings depending on the viewer's interpretation. For instance, tender can be tender as in soft parts, tenderloin, tender heart, or how we pay. Often the chosen words might pinpoint a gendered reference as in candyarm, which can be switched around to armcandy. The words are made from rope as a metaphor for things being twisted, bound, tethered or tied together. Each of the words chosen has a personal affinity to my own experience, as I am paying attention to events around me. It seems that words have become a slippery place for meaning and communication as of late.